The title says it all.  Worship and adoration of the Lord is our REAL life.  All other ministry is to pour out of this worship.  Take note of the fire-like sky as God showed Himself in the skies the early morning of the photo-shoot!   This long awaited new album features 10 new original songs by Judy, yet again reflecting the wide styles of music in which she writes. You will find songs for congregational worship, others to challenge, whilst some are just pure scripture put to music.  You will enjoy the contrast of pop songs like "Still Waiting" and the ballad "I Didn't Know" - a song commissioned for a re-enactment of the death and resurrection of Jesus.  Two songs from this album were penned as a result of her time in Indonesia - meeting and ministering to the persecuted church.  Produced by the gifted Andy Sorenson (who also produced "The Road") and featuring  mostly Judy on piano, you will find this more like her 'live' than ever before and will no doubt be challenged and inspired by it  in your walk with God. This new album is available in CD only and the music book is also available - either as a book or as individual songs as PDF files.  CD backing tracks are also available

  TITLE & LYRICS MP3        
  This is Life  323 kb
  Your Eye on Me 273 kb
  Big God 260 kb
  Still Waiting 230 kb
  We Cry out to You 324 kb
  Talk of Me 297 kb
  Wedding Feast 248 kb
  Always Enough 275 kb
  I Didn't Know 361 kb
  Where Else 344 kb